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A properly operating automatic garage door and automatic gate openers will be "balanced." This means the door will stay in place when stopped in any partially opened position. A severely unbalanced automatic garage door could unexpectedly crash to the floor possibly striking someone under the open door. Automatic garage door and automatic gate opener must be detached from the door while in the closed position.

A professional automatic garage door service should be contacted if the homeowner is not comfortable with performing these tests, repairs and adjustments. We carry large variety of automatic garage door parts for all major TYPE brand. Our products we stock a complete line of repair parts and accessories for automatic garage door. Automatic garage door is extremely powerful, so powerful in fact as to be deadly to anyone struck or trapped by closing door. Automatic garage door and automatic gate openers are particularly dangerous to young children. As with all mechanical components in a home, an automatic garage door opener requires periodic maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation.

In fact, because the automatic garage door is often the heaviest and largest single piece of moving equipment around a home, frequent testing and maintenance are especially important. A visual inspection of the automatic garage door springs, cables, rollers, and other door hardware is a great place to begin. Tanyapols automatic garage door opener is offering high level of security you and your home.


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