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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes on how Mobile Gate Type Application work on the usage of Mobile Telephone Calling, sending SMS and show SMS log data.

Calling Phone Number

When the user press Open-Close button, the application will make a telephone call to the number that user has been memorized in the application at the first time. It will not keep any other data or re-dialing to the same number again after the user hang up the phone.

SMS Text Message

Once the Mobile Gate Type Application receives SMS command message text code from the recorded telephone phone number, it will reply back to that number with the messages that show current status of the gate. Here are sample of messages:

SMS Command message text:SMS Reply Message:
StatusGate Open; Cant Lock Gate still Open; Gate Close and Unlock; Gate Close and Lock
LockLock OK
UnlockUnlock OK

SMS Log Text Message

SMS Log button will show the past history of SMS log communication between the Users phone number and the Gate Motors number. The log data will include the message received and message replied, time and date of the messages. All information will not be shared or send these SMS to our server or any other phone numbers at all.

Safety and Security of User Information

We take safety and security of user information seriously. Because the Mobile Gate Type Application is an OFF-LINE Application. The Application does not require connecting to Internet, so all of your SMS and Calls information history will be kept in your telephone only. None of the information will be shared to public or sent to Internet. If you have any question, please contact info@tanyapol.com


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