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Name: LYNEX , LYNEX-SIM (800 Kg.)
Brand: Type

Sliding Gate Stainless Steel Motor Max Gate 800kg. or 8 mt.Control SIM Mobile Remote/ SlowDown 3 Speeds/ Security System

  • Motor Operator 1/2HP 220VAC High Performance to ensure long life
  • Internal Gear - Oil lubrication for longer life and a higher duty rating for worm gear. 
  • Operator's Outer Cast material made from Stainless Steel Type 304 - Corrosion/ oxidation resistance & beauty of appearance
  • "Slow Down 3 Speed" - Operator speed gradually start and reduce speed in approaching the end to ensure the smoothness and safety.  
  • "SIM Mobile Remote" - Open&Close Gate by using MobilePhone, Free of Charge, Compatible w/ all Phone & Net Work, Active range w/ Cell Phone, Max Number Remote 250* # (OPTION) 
  • "Double Lock" - New Security System for the user to ensure safety of the gate to remain CLOSE at all time or mis-press transmitter by accident. 
  • Transmitter can control ON-OFF addition garage or fence light by install the optional RL150 Box.
  • Transmitter can active "Panic Button" by activating Siren and Lamp for emergency sitauation even the gate remain close.
  • Blinking Lamp activate while the gate is moving.  Also Buzzer Noise to show the status of the gate - Lock & Unlock
  • 5 minutes Warning Signal - incase owner forget to close the gate  or the gate "OPEN" longer than 5 minutes. 
  • Jam Protection System - The ENCODER activates when the gate comes into contact with an obstacle, and reverses the movement.
  • Thermal Protection for operator at 135 Co
  • Transmitter range 20-70m all direction.
  • Auto Lock when gate stop moving or incase power supply fail.  Easy Manual release key
  • Plastic Cover Control Board to prevent bugs and insects. 
  • Autoclose Function within 1 - 3 minutes
  • Infra Red Foto Sensor
  • RXZ808 - SIM Mobile Remote
  • RL150 - ON&OFF Garage Light Relay Set

  • Download PDF file Manual Specification
    Download PDF file Download Catatalog
    Motor : Single Phase Class E
    Max gate weight (kg.) : 800
    Absorbed Power (W) : 370
    Power Supply (VAC) : 220+/-10%
    Current (A) : 1.7
    Motor Speed (rpm) : 1450
    Capacitor (mf) : 16
    Operating Speed (m/min) : 11
    Max. Torque (NM) : 87.5
    Dimension(mm.) : 285 X 203 X 146
    Limit system : Inductive Proximity Switch 10 mm.
    Motor Max Load (W): 1500
    Fuction Logics: Automatic/Semi-Automatic
    Terminal Board Inputs: Power Supply/Manual Switch/Receiver/Limit Switch/Foto Switch
    Terminal Board Outputs: 220 VAC Flashing Lamp/Motor/24 VAC Accessories Power/Siren/Buzzer
    Connector Inputs: Break range / Torque Power
    Protection Fuses: 3
    Pause Time: Adjust 1-3 min
    Selectable Functions Complete Mode : Break, JAM Protection, Self Blinking Lamp
    Thermal Protection (oC) : 135
    Operating Ambient Temperature (oC): -20+55
    Protection Class : IP44


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