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1. Question: How to choose Motor Automatic Gates?
Answer: To choose the right size of the operator depends on the gate size. Normally average Iron & Wood gate size 2.5mtr x 1.0mtr, weight is about 80-100 kg. So if your gate length is 6 mtrs., the weight usually around 480-600 kg. To be sure, please contact sales representative to check your gate.
2. Question: No Electric power, Can the gate open Manually?
Answer: Once No Electric power, use hexagonal Key to release the gate operator. And the gate can open manually. Or download Manual from the Product Page.
3. Question: No Electric power, Can the gate open Manually?
All electronics components dont like Water, so to avoid mal-function, installation is very important to set it right. Normally, the mal-function and short circuit happen with the wire insulation. With this happen, the gatesmal-function will be Open Close by itself without pressing transmitter. Thats why Type has Double Lock System to prevent this happen.
Owner can lock the gate by pressing transmitter and the gate will be permanently locked. Blinking LED the word "Type" on Manual switch can reassure the lock status. Once owner press Unlock button on transmitter again, this will unlock the gate and back to normal use.
The short circuit problem on wiring insulation happens because of using indoor wire i.e. Telephone line or THW line which are too small.

For Automatic Gate Opener, you should use wire outdoor type VCT or NYY (better insulator 2 layers)

Wiring installation is very important. The right way to cut and re-connect new wire, installer needs to do it in a waterproof junction box. DO NOT cut and re-connect in the pipe because this weakness point will cause the electric leakage in the future.

Another Problem with small reptile and insect during rainy season can cause control boards short-circuit. Because the control board is warm and dry, many reptiles like to stay. To prevent this problem, Type has plastic cover control board box.
4. Question: The gate can not be opened?
Answer: Most existing automatic gate in the market has one Speed. After the gate past the stop limit with hi-speed, the gate still has momentum and slip to crash with the stopper. This cause the gate can not open. With the new "Type" Slow-Down 3 Speeds, Motor operator can reduce the speed of the gate before it comes to end of rails. The gate slow down and stop exactly at the stop limit, no more slippery.
5. Question: If the gate hit any objects, will it bounce back?
Answer: Yes if the gate hit any objects, it is bounce back and re-open. However, we recommend install Infrared Foto beam for human safety.
6. Question: AC Motor and DC Motor, whats the different?
Answer: Alternate Current (AC) Motor consume 220 Volts, While Direct Current (DC) Motor consume 12 Volts. Good thing about AC Motor is more powerful than DC Motor (compare at the same price level).
7. Question: How far is Transmitter Range?
Answer: Normally transmitters active range is 30-100 meters. We recommend for safety, user should press the transmitter only when user saw the gate.
8. Question: Once the gate is completely closed, Do user need to put another Key Lock?
Answer: Normally once the gate is completely closed, the gate will automatically lock itself. So we NOT recommend user to put another Key Lock because user might mistakenly press transmitter to open the gate and it jam the motor and gear. However, Type has Double Lock system which user can press Double Lock on the transmitter.


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